• Nomi and Miao’s updates

    The adopters’ aunt, Mrs Leow, sent the following video and updates! Nomi and Miao are doing well. They both get playtime inside the house too. But when Miao is in the cage, Nomi wants to be with her mum! Miao and Nomi are a mother-and-daughter pair. Both were discovered to have diaphragmatic hernia and we…

  • Gerald, Misty and the Blondies

    Misty decided she wanted to come in to eat breakfast this morning. She’s always welcome to come inside, but the thing is, she will always want to go back out too. Samantha eats, which is a normal occurrence. Not breaking news…. Indra and Akira eat – wow! Kai eats…after some persuasion and change of venue!…

  • Good news on the horizon for street animals?

    I received two pieces of good news yesterday. The first was a forwarded message from a feeder in the Shah Alam area saying she met the MBSA dog unit who informed her that they no longer send captured dogs to PAWS anymore. Instead, the caught dogs will be neutered and released! The staff was polite…

  • Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kulai, Johor (Lee Kim Hai’s) & Updates

    We have provided an aid of RM150 for the neutering of this female cat, Little Princess. This is a joint claim from Mdm Lee Kim Hai and Mdm Pong Yit Sim. I have video-called Mdm Pong already to confirm that she has agreed to let Mdm Lee get all her cats neutered. Mdm Lee contacted…

  • Our very own homegrown MY Bee Savior

    If you find a group of bees and do not know what to do, please call MY Bee Savior, they will advise and possibly relocate the hive safely for you, thus, saving the bees. I’ve recommended them to an acquaintance before too. Their website: https://mybeesavior.org/lets-save-the-bees/ Their contact number: +60 19-664 8081 Please watch this video:…

  • A peaceful porch today

    Creamy did not turn up. That’s why. So it’s all peaceful at the porch today. Socks also did not come. That’s good. Perhaps their families are back from the long holidays. Sometimes, Gerald is willing to share from a same plate, but sometimes, no. Nowadays, I can add a generous amount of water or soup…

  • Updates on Grey (from Lee Soo Farng)

    Photos and news on Grey! For the very, very first time last night, Grey used the litter box for big business! Soo Farng was totally overjoyed! But it was short-lived joy…. This morning, it was back to pooping outside the litter box again. Still, last night was a huge achievement. Work in progress, it’s okay.…

  • Zinc Gluconate for male dog/cat sterilisation in the U.S. and other ongoing research

    From this link: Zinc Gluconate (Neutersol®/ EsterilSolTM/Infertile®) is the first permanent, non-surgical method of sterilization for companion animals. It is currently licensed for use only in the U.S. for chemical castration of puppies 3-10 months of age, although it has been shown to be effective in adult dogs and cats as well. It is delivered via…

  • The Creamy incursion

    Creamy came again this morning. But this time, it looked like it wasn’t to eat. He wasn’t hungry. He just came to bully Gerald and Misty. And it wasn’t anything physically aggressive too. It was a silent incursion. His presence was enough to incite fear in poor Gerald and Misty. I first offered some food…

  • Who is Samantha’s favourite daughter?

    Samantha has three daughters – Kai, Akira and Indra. Is Riley also her daughter from an earlier batch? We don’t know. So, who is Samantha’s current favourite daughter? Undoubtedly, it’s Kai, her eldest! While Akira and Indra always escapes to the house every day to play, Kai stays behind with her mum. At one time,…

  • Creamy visits again…and is very hungry!!

    Must be the long holidays…. Creamy came to visit today and was very, very hungry! Hi, Creamy!! Long time no see. He seemed very, very hungry but was a bit worried about Gerald. Hunger overcame all fear. Misty joined him! Perhaps he has not even for quite awhile? That’s Misty’s leftovers, but Creamy is still…

  • Gerald and Misty’s patience

    It had rained early this morning, so the park was wet. Whenever this happens, Gerald and Misty will not go to the park but instead, they will wait patiently on the ledge for me as I walk round and round the neighbourhood. Look at them! Such loyal cats. An acquaintance in the neighbourhood asked if…

  • JoTong’s latest rescue project and reflections

    This is JoTong’s story: These past few weeks I have been helping a feeder from my taman to catch and neuter cats abandoned by a tenant who moved out last month. According to the feeder, tha tenant just released the cats out from her compound. As to date, we have caught 4 and sent for…

  • Blondies, after a Rey attack

    The Blondies’ meals are usually disturbed by a visit by Gerald on the ledge or a Rey incursion. In the morning, it’s always Gerald’s visit that distracts them. They would get all excited; a bit too excited to want to eat. In the evening, like this evening, it was Rey launching a full scale attack…

  • Neutering aid for 3 cats in Kluang, Johor (Yu Bee Kian’s) & Updates

    We have provided a full sponsorship of RM350 for the neutering of these 3 cats (2 males, 1 female). The charges were RM100 for each male and RM150 for the female. Ms Yu is assisted by Mr Cheng Pet Sing (he is hired to clean the cat house and ferry the cats to the vet…

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