• Tabs’ red spot isn’t fungal

    It’s been four days now since the culture was done to determine if Tabs’ red spot is fungal. Well, it isn’t. The vet confirmed that today. And that red spot is so much better already. I’ve been applying the Triderm cream three times a day. This is the culture. If it’s fungal, the colour would…

  • Gerald’s yowling, trip to the park and eating fussiness

    Gerald protested by not eating this morning. While I managed to feed each of the Blondies, which was challenging enough, Gerald still did not want to eat, no matter what I offered him. Yesterday, he made a dash out of Bunny’s Room, ran to the front door and asked to go out. Of course I…

  • Ginger and our lovely Monsters in the Catio

    I haven’t written enough about our lovely Monsters lately, with so much focus on the Blondies and now, on Gerald. So this post is about the Monsters. Ginger is the big boss of the Catio. The Monsters live to serve him. Lynx is a totally affectionate cat but he bites. This is Minnie, the matriarch.…

  • Gardening with the Monsters

    I still miss Misty very much. It hasn’t been easy even though I have so much to do daily. Gardening with the Monsters nearby. Waiting each day for the lemons to ripen. Compared with the Blondies, the Monsters are actually so much easier to look after, especially when it comes to feeding – they eat…

  • Gerald’s day and a trip to the park

    There’s still the yowling, but luckily, Gerald hasn’t resorted to yowling in the middle of the night…yet. Generally, he yowls the moment he wakes up from a nap. My vet-friend told me that for outdoor cats, they are so used to roaming after they get up, so that’s why Gerald yowls. He wants to roam.…

  • Updates on Sun Sun (from Lee Kim Hai)

    Sun Sun’s case had been very baffling. Three days after being spayed, she had fever and appeared to be weak, Mdm Lee took her to the vet and it was diagnosed as mastitis. Medication was given and the prognosis was good. But soon after discharge, she bit off her sutures and had to be sent…

  • Tabs is so comfortable now

    After getting the cream for that red spot and the ear lotion, Tabs has been visibly and definitely more comfortable. No more rubbing her head on Tupperware containers since then too. And she’s been taking long naps as well. Tabs and Riley, relaxing in the kitchen.

  • Gerald and the Blondies’ feeding challenge

    It’s getting to be even harder to feed the Blondies with Gerald’s influence. Gerald, unlike the Monsters, is also a very picky eater. One would think that being an outdoor cat, he would eat anything that’s served? Not true. Because I have to stop Gerald’s early morning yowling the moment I wake up or come…

  • Tabs to the vet’s (balding problem)

    So I took Tabs to the vet’s this afternoon to get her checked. The red round spot looked rather suspicious, so the vet did a scraping to check under the microscope.  Only 1 fungal spore was found. But I had also made the mistake of bathing Tabs this morning so I might have cleaned off…

  • Neutering aid for 4 dogs in Balakong (Tong Yut Fun’s) & Updates

    We have provided a full sponsorship of RM690 for the neutering of these 4 dogs (3 females and 1 male). The vet charges are RM180 per female and RM150 for the male. JoTong does her CNRM work with Mr Wong Woi Kan. Updates on all previously-claimed animals are below. Previously-claimed animals:  

  • Tabs’ balding and her medicated bath

    Tabs has started balding again. It is almost a once-a-year issue for her previously. Last year, she didn’t have it, though. When she used to, the problem was usually resolved using Advocate spot-on for 2-3 months consecutively. But this time, the bald spots are all located at the subcut needle pricks. So she has small…

  • Gerald’s yowling

    Gerald’s yowling was pretty bad yesterday. It is very, very stressful. I spoke with my vet-friend about it and her views are practical and realistic. She agrees that not all cats are happy living indoors and the yowling is not only stressful to humans, but also to our other cats. That is a factor I…

  • Fearing the worst – BBQ Pit found at industrial area

    Hi, it’s JoTong here. Last weekend both Uncle Wong and I were searching high and low for Mama Jalan 8 whom we had spayed on 12th December 2023. We had not seen her for almost a week. Mama Jalan 8 was an abandoned female dog and she was a very skittish dog. She is also…

  • Gerald and his pillow

    Gerald knows how to enjoy a pillow! This is one of his deep-sleep naps where he doesn’t even wake up when I walk around the bed. He has taken the bed, so Samantha and the girls have to sleep elsewhere. All our other cats would open their eyes when someone is near. Not Gerald. He…

  • Neutering aid for 6 cats in Kulim, Kedah (Norshahana bt Ahmad Shah’s) & Updates

    We have provided a full sponsorship of RM560 for the neutering of these 6 cats (4 males and 2 females). The vet charges were RM70 for a male and RM140 for a female. Updates on all the previously-claimed cats are below. Previously-claimed cats:  CikBong has been adopted by a friend, Ashikin Ayob while Alang has…

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