Angel is adopted!!!

This is too good to be true, folks! Angel (our beautiful one-eyed cat) will be adopted by Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn (aka Sis Nui). I just tried my luck and asked her, by email, “Would you like to adopt Angel, our one-eyed cat?” (I sent her photo, of course). And her reply came, “I would not mind, but what should I prepare for her?”

Oh wow…..pinch me, someone!

I knew Dr Veeranoot some time ago when I was trying to rehome Creamie and Crackers (long story).

We’ll be getting Angel spayed first, and she should be going home to Dr Veeranoot’s sometime next week.

Shine on, lucky stars. Shine on the strays, please.

Thank you!






One response to “Angel is adopted!!!”

  1. Anonymous

    this is great news! bless the cat, and all of Angel's rescuers :)))

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