Some updates

We do follow-up on our adoptions, but not through home visits as that can come across as being intrusive. 

So we do it by email and sms.  And some of the adopters keep us updated regularly.  For example, Ervina, Raihan and Dr Veeranoot send us updates on Patches, BimBim and Kwanjai and Kwanta, and we appreciate it very much.  It’s good to know the pets are all doing well.

Here’s some updates I’ve managed to get:

1.  I wrote recently that BimBim is doing very well, and has a new “brother” called Toya, but Raihan is not sure if Toya is male or female!  Well, it doesn’t matter.  We shall find out later as Toya grows up. 

2.  Lisan and Whei Meng are happy with the two kittens they adopted from us.  Remember these are the ones returned by Ida, and I really had no heart to separate them because they need each other so much, for companionship and comfort.  Lisan is happy with them, and they are called Fido and Nino now. 

3.  Sean Ang, who adopted the ginger kitten yesterday, says his wife is happy.  She named him Mickey.  Sean plans to get a toy poodle as companion for Mickey.  Anyone has a rescued toy poodle? 

4.  Our GRANDmother dog, Abby is doing well with Alicia.  Alicia has been using reiki to heal her eyes, and they are getting better.  Abby’s skin (which had suffered years of neglect) is now going through a healing crisis, getting flaky and less greasy.  Must be the result of good nutrition.  The hard patches on her skin are also getting softer.  See the wonders of good nutrition.  If I’m not mistaken, Alicia makes her own BARF (Bones and Raw Food – a natural diet).  Natural is always the best, isn’t it?  However, Abby still cannot get along with Tiara, Alicia’s black cat.  Like poles repel – that’s also natural? 

5.  Chestnut got adopted yesterday.  Now, it’s just Brownie and Chester to go.  These are the three dogs rescued from being euthanised at the shelter.   

6.  Remember the ten rescued puppies?  Seven have been adopted already, and we only have three more to go.  All three are female.  If you are interested, please go to Mayo Clinic, at USJ Taipan.  A kind lady has offered to foster them, but it would be better for them to be adopted, if that’s possible.

7.  As you know from Ervina’s updates, Patches’ supposedly glaucoma-ed eye has almost entirely cleared up.  That’s simply fantastic news.

8.  Moira, who helped to get the two brother-kittens adopted, says the two are doing well.  They have a voracious appetite and are very playful.  Moira will visit them and take some photos for us. 

9.  Last but not least…..Suki!  Well, I’ve been posting Suki’s photos so often, you know how she is doing!

10.  I have not seen Joanie ever since the last time Aunty Kiew came.  I still go on my rounds and as always, I feed the strays.  I leave food at the two places Joanie had been last seen.  This food is always eaten, but I don’t know if it’s Joanie.  Wherever she is, I hope she is well and happy. 

Sometimes in life, things happen.  It’s all about doing the best we can while we can, and then, we have to let go, and let Nature take its course. 

We should just rejoice and be thankful that we have the opportunity to give our best. 






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  1. Hi Chan, we will take good care of Fido and Nino. Will keep you updated ya. Thanks a lot.

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