Sweetie is adopted!

This posting is WAY overdue.  It happened more than a week ago.  Mr Wong, a dog rescuer, had been observing this dog (whom he calls Sweetie) at the marketplace.  Mr Wong was quite sure Sweetie has been a former pet, now dumped. 

After five days, Mr Wong decided to rescue Sweetie and bring her to the vet.  The vet checked and found that Sweetie was having tick fever. 

I visited Sweetie while she was boarding at the clinic because Super was there as well. 

Sweetie, while having tick fever at the clinic
After a week, Sweetie recovered completely, and even before she was discharged, she had already been adopted. 
It is really nice to know that many people like to adopt mongrels.  According to most vets, mongrels are stronger, easier to manage, and much less prone to diseases.  In comparison, they also have a longer lifespan.
And, they are extremely loyal and grateful, especially when they know you have rescued them off the street!





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