Updates on Dino!

Hi everyone.  Remember Dino?  Now, which Dino, you must be wondering….

The Dino who was rescued by student Amelia (who called him Nana), then taken over by us (I called him Milo because Amelia did not tell me his name), then fostered by Terry (where Teresa said he should be called Dino, so that he will grow big and strong).

Yes, that Dino. 

Dino was adopted by Iskandar (who had adopted Kecik from us earlier), and Iskandar hails from Ipoh.

Here’s updates on Milo/Dino from Iskandar.  I’m not sure what his name is now, because Iskandar refers to him as Milo.  Perhaps it’s Milo because his other newly-adopted cat is Vico!

Soooo naughty..he loves to sleep with me on my chest! play hide n seek with my other kitten ViCo (which i take from the street)… Milo is full of energy..he can keep playing for the straight 2 hrs!   2 times im late to work bcoz of him..he will not let me sleep untill he falls asleep..Anyway everybody loves MiLo, esp. my wife!

Well, isn’t that nice?

Here are some photos from proud daddy, Iskandar:

Yes, that’s the way to do it, Daddy!
Gimme a kiss, Daddy
I’m tired…
still zzz…
To jump or not to jump…that is the question
Private investigator at work…
Now you see me, now you don’t!
After a hard day’s work…it’s bedtime!
I love my Daddy and Mummy!






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  1. ervina

    aaawwww this is just too cute!!

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