My mum adopts Tara!!

My mum has decided to adopt Tara! 

According to mum, a few days ago, she had a vision in her mind that a dog would come into her life, and it looked like an alsatian. 

Yesterday morning I told her about Tara and asked if she would be interested to foster her for the duration of her illness/recovery.  To my surprise, mum immediately said “yes”. 

So, this afternoon, I brought Tara to my parents’ house.  They took an instant liking to Tara, and they liked her name, too. 

Mum said she would want to take Tara for walks after she has recovered, so I brought along a brand new collar and a leash.  For now, it is just around the porch.   

Mum and Tara
Mum talking to Tara
This evening, my children and I went over to mum’s place for Winter Solstice dinner, and Tara was very happy to see us. 
Mum said that earlier, Tara had already eaten up several helpings of chicken.  And, she is really very well-behaved. 
After dinner, I fed Tara her medicines.  I hope she gets well soon. 
My parents have put a chanting player on top of her cage (see the brown instrument on the newspaper?). 

Both my parents love Tara to bits! 

Get well soon, Tara. 

I’m really hanging on to what our panel vet said, that local breeds have a good chance of recovery from distemper.  He had seen many cases. 

One step at a time….






One response to “My mum adopts Tara!!”

  1. Anonymous

    With your mum & your family loves and caring, Tara would be able to fight against this deadly disease.

    Get well soon, Tara.


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