And someone else also has the will to live on

As I was having hot soup for dinner yesterday (after having not eaten much for the last two days!), I received a call from Wani, all the way from London.  Wani was very upset; I could hear she was in tears.  

Apparently, one of their rescues, a dog named Goldie (who is blind and has other health problems), had been adopted but the adopter had just sent the dog to be euthanised at the SPCA today, without Wani’s knowledge.

Long story cut short, Wani asked me to help get the remains of the dog so that she could at least give the dog a decent burial.  

I said I’d do my best to help.

Longer story cut shorter, I made a few phonecalls, got some information and apparently, the dog is still alive at the SPCA and I’ve contacted Wani to get someone down there first thing tomorrow morning to retrieve Goldie.

Many thanks to SPCA’s Dr Lim for all the help.

Miracles do happen, sometimes, if we’re lucky!

Let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed and hope all goes well tomorrow.  






2 responses to “And someone else also has the will to live on”

  1. Anonymous

    I wonder why the adopter bother adopting Goldie knowing she is blind to begin with and then decide to euthanize her? They obviously know what they are getting into. I don't mean to judge but sometimes people have tendency to take the easy way out. Wani should bring out her whip when she comes back. Some of these people deserve a good tongue-lashing.

  2. Devi Narayanan

    I think this heartless adopter needs attention. He/She is more or less like Rascal's adopter.

    God is great. Somehow this news reached you in time and you managed to save her. Please be more careful with adopters & keep checking regularly too.

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