I’m an F3 – Day Two

Some photos from today:

Based on yesterday’s sales, the most popular tshirt was……the YELLOW!

And the most popular book was Make Time While the Sun Shines.






One response to “I’m an F3 – Day Two”

  1. To type the "3" in the F in the power of 3, hold down the [alt] key and on the numerical key pad type in 0179 – so you get F³. On a laptop (that is not attached to an external numerical keypad), it's a bit trickier. Depends on your laptop model, but to do this on most standard laptops, you have to hold [alt] and the [FN] key together and type the "shadow" numerics which is seen as the small faint blue numbers on your laptop keypad. The [FN] key activates this function.

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