A “Blessing” on wheels (must read!)

When I was first faced with having to take care of and make the necessary arrangements for Sunshine Courage, I called a few friends for advice and moral support. As you know, we do not “take in” any animal; we can only work with rescuers by providing the medical aid and the animal is then returned to the rescuer.

But Sunshine Courage was discovered by a Malay lady, and she could not take her in (some Malays can touch dogs and “samak” later (wash with soil and water), some prefer not to). And to make matters worse, Sunshine was paralysed. So, I had to do the needful. I had no idea how to do it, but I figured the Universe would provide….somehow.

As one of the Four Principles of Indian Spirituality says, “Whomsoever you meet is the right person”.

Yes, there is a reason for everything.

So, I called friends and one of them told me about this gentleman who is looking after a dog on wheels now because we were thinking of getting a set of wheels for Sunshine. I heard his whole story and was deeply touched.

Today, I managed to contact this gentleman as I wanted very much to blog his story. I am sure it would be an inspiration to all of us.

He has requested anonymity, but he sent me photos of his dog, who is now on wheels.

Here’s the story, in his own words (please remember that women always talk too much and men don’t talk enough, so his story is rather brief, but I’ve always believed that the best story is always the one told in the first person – that is why I always cut and paste).

The dog’s name is “Blessing”.

Blessing’s Story

I came out of my office one morning to find Blessing lying just outside the main door. He had probably been hit by a motorcycle or some light vehicle. He was in bad shape, very dirty and very weak. His right hind leg was badly injured, several days old, the bone was showing, blood had clotted somewhat and maggots everywhere. The vet could not save his leg. He took several months to recuperate. I managed to locate his owners but they refused to take him back.

So Blessing stayed with me. And he’s been a blessing to me, ever since.

For the next 6years, Blessing managed quite well on 3 legs.

Then several months ago, Blessing’s remaining hind leg gave way, from age, wear & tear. Blessing can still use his front legs but the remaining hind leg is very weak. X-rays show no cartilage left and Blessing no longer uses that leg much.

Fortunately, he does quite well on his “wheels”



Isn’t Blessing such a blessing!

Many thanks to Blessing’s owner for sharing his story.

If you are looking after an animal with special needs, please do send me your story. I’ll blog it (with your permission) and we’ll let it inspire readers all over the world! (This blog is read by people in 150 countries).







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  1. Kelly Lim

    Just want to leave a link her for anyone that need to get a wheelchair for animal. http://www.thaiwheelchairsfordogs.com/index_eng.html

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