Bunny goes to the vet’s – Funny!

So this afternoon, it was Bunny’s turn to go to the vet’s for his vaccination.

Rather than me talk, I’ll let Bunny tell his story…first-hand.

So there I was, resting comfortably on their clean clothes, minding my own business, when suddenly….Mum patted me on the head, said something (she always thinks I understand, but how on earth can I possibly understand, right?), and then, she carried me and stuffed me into the carrier!!

Hey, what’s going on and where am I going, I asked, but she kept saying, well, I don’t know what, but it sounded soothing…

We got into this thing they call “car”, which to me is just a big ugly animal that can move, and she drove the thing with me inside.

Of course I complained…I made the most complaining-sounding noises I could…

Where are we going???

The car stopped after a while, and Mum said, “We’re here…”

She got down and carried me (in the carrier) to a place called “the clinic”.

Someone at the front desk said, “Oh, Bunny is here!”.

Hey, how do you know my name??

Then this man came over (they call him a “vet”) and said, “Come, let’s take a look at Bunny” and Mum carried me into a room where they opened the carrier.

Of course I came out…I wanted to know where I was.

I walked all over, jumped up on the desk, pushed down some stuff and apparently, I broke a slide. Oopsie woopsie…

There was this big metal table in the middle and of course, I had to know what it was, so I jumped up.

Mum and the vet started talking and I heard my name being mentioned a lot.

Then the vet said I was obese….

Hey, who are you calling fat???

The vet explained that there was this thing called “visceral fat” and as they were talking…

Suddenly, the vet said, “Look…what’s he doing?”

The vet said only dogs breathed through their mouths, so why was I doing it?

Heh…I grew up with a dog, remember? Naw..I just want to freak them out a little….heh heh.

Mum got real worried and started asking the vet why I was suddenly breathing through my mouth…

Okay, show’s over, folks…don’t freak Mum out.

Then the vet said it was nothing to worry about since I had stopped doing it.

Heh…that was fun.

It’s called “attention-seeking”.

There, I’ve closed my mouth now…no worries.

Then, the vet said there’s something not quite right about me.

Say what?

He said my eyes are not of the same size.

“There are some oddities about this cat.”

Eh…who are you calling “odd” now?

Mum said I was FIV+, whatever that meant, and the vet said, “Oh, that’s why.”

Well okay, as long as you both are happy, I’m happy too.

Then, the vet stuck a stick into my bum….it wasn’t too unpleasant, though.

Then, he said my temperature was good.

Next, he pricked something into my shoulder while Mum patted me on the head.

I don’t know what that is, but it’s called ‘vaccination” and it’s supposed to protect me from getting flu and something called “parvo”.

The vet also said I had something called “flea allergy dermatitis” and that is why I had some balding patches on my body. Apparently, Tiger has that, too.  Hey, we can’t help it if fleas like us, right? The vet said it’s okay since we were on Revolution. No big deal, he said.

That’s that, and Mum put me back into the carrier and we could already go home.

Before that, the vet had to rub it in about me being fat again….and told Mum I had to lose more than 1kg!!

Apparently, my weight is 6.45kg and the vet said it would be better if I were only 5kg.

Hello Brother…that’s a lot of meat to shed…

Mum said she didn’t think she was overfeeding me as animals are supposed to know how much they should eat, but the vet said that wasn’t so. Apparently, we animals also overeat once our humans indulge us with food.

Heh…we’re smart, too, eh?

So the vet said I should lose weight slowly, and come down to 5kg. A good gauge is the body shape (he showed Mum a picture of one of ’em macho-looking cats, it’s the type you’ll only see in the movies, you know. Get real, Brother, those cats don’t exist. Real cats eat…).

The vet said you should be able to feel the ribs but not see them, and I should have that macho-looking body and no “pendulus” tummy.

Anyway, Mum seemed keen for me to lose some weight.

Oh well…I guess she would know what is best for me.

So she lugged all 6.45kg of me (in the carrier) back to the car and off we headed for home.

Of course I complained all the way home…

Ah…I see our house.

We’re home!!

Mum let me out and I headed straight for the kitchen.

Did someone say “food’?

Bobby came looking for me. Oh, he is sniffing the carrier because he cannot see me.

I touched noses with Indy.

Indy said the same thing happened to him yesterday too, but Indy said nobody called him “fat”.

And Cow also came to check on me.

Oh well, don’t worry, I’m fine now.

Be it ever so humble,
There’s no place like home.







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