Three female cats spayed (Aniza Abdullah’s)

We have subsidised RM300 the spaying of three female cats, managed by Aniza Abdullah from Shah Alam.

From Aniza:

Hello Dr Chan,

Im writing to you regarding the cats that i’ve mentioned to you via email last week. On Friday 18/11/11 i brought 2 mother cats and young female for OHE. The two moms which my neighbour and I call Alien (due to wide eyes with small face) and Cleo. They delivered the babies about 2 months + ago but we never found them. Alien and Cleo regularly come to my porch for meals. Luckily they are easy to put into the carriers.

The other cat, Babygirl about 5 months old is Alien’s daughter. She has a brother which i called Babyboy. Both of them are neglected by Alien since she got pregnant few months back. So the kittens are staying in front of my porch. I decided to bring her for spaying because recently i saw 2 tomcats were chasing her and she is also ‘on heat’. I googled to check the earliest age the cat could get pregnant and I was shocked to find out that they are able to get pregnant as young as 4 months old!

Now they are healthy and look well. The wounds are also clean.

Attached is the picture of Cleo (white with orange, grey, black patches) and Babygirl, sweet girl with white and grey coat. I will try to find the adopter for her as she is quite tame. The second picture shows Alien.

Im very grateful to you for existence of myanimalcare subsidy for this program and really hope that we can save street animals as many as possible

Thank you


Shah Alam





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