Ginger, 3-legged kitten, for adoption (Aniza Abdullah’s)

Aniza Abdullah rescued a kitten with a gangrenous leg a few days ago. She sent the kitten to the vet’s and the leg had to be amputated. The kitten is recovering now, and Aniza is looking for an adopter for the kitten (please see below). We have offered to help with the bill, if need be.

Thank you, Aniza, for saving Ginger’s life.

Good day Dr Chan,
Im writing to you regarding the kitten that i’ve mentioned last Friday. I found her in front of my house after i came back from work. Heard very loud meoww and after searching around i found her underneath a car with container filled with milk. I think she must be abandoned there. When i took her i noticed there was something black dangling at her right front paw. After inspection, actually there were 2 toes almost fell and rotten (autoamputation due to gangrene). The leg was black up to 1/3. Otherwise she was active and looks well apart from her right leg. So i brought her to vet.
As expected, she needs to undergo amputation and further inspection had to be done during operation to determine the extent of infection. So she safely went for op on 3rd December and the vet had to amputate her up to elbow level.
I just came back from visiting her this morning. She needs to be monitored there as the stump became swollen yesterday. Otherwise wound is clean and her appetite is good.
She is roughly about a month old, eyes still blue in color, her coat is white and orange patches.
I appreciate if anyone wants to adopt her and she will become 100% indoor cat. I will make sure she will he dewormed and deflead before she goes home
Thank you for offer to help financially. I have not been informed of the exact cost yet.
Attached photos are before and after surgery.






Three-legged kittens do very well as they are still small and they can support their weight on the remaining three legs. Please help forward this link to your friends and let’s help Ginger find a home.








4 responses to “Ginger, 3-legged kitten, for adoption (Aniza Abdullah’s)”

  1. Megaa

    God bless you Nieza

  2. Carolina

    god bless you, aniza. you’ve given Ginger a chance to survive. i really hope someone would adopt this little darling and shower her with a good and safe life filled with love, care and joy.

  3. BlackieAsh

    Thank you Dr Chan for the posting. For now there are 3 kind hearted person offering their help to become adopter. I have to choose wisely so that Ginger is well taken care of since she is special kitten

  4. Mrs S Logan

    Dear Dr Chan

    Thank you and god bless you aniza. I have shared with my animal rescue groups too – hopefully someone will give this little kitty a loving home.

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