Three cats spayed-neutered (Aniza Abdullah’s)

Aniza Abdullah sent three cats (two males and one female) for spay-neuter recently. We have subsidised RM220 for the procedures.

Hello Dr.
Attached photos are Jambu and Mr. White, 2 male cats and Tompok, the female. My neighbour, Maria is currently feeding them and few others.
Jambu is estimated about 2-3 years, and he is KittyKitty’s (spayed under your subsidy during the first batch) son. He is the dominant male around the neighbourhood and always fighting especially during mating season. Currently he is having bad mange. Yesterday while at the consult room, he was given Ivermentin jab and supposed to get another 2 jabs. He is very difficult to catch as he never allows anyone to pat him, but luckily Maria did a good job yesterday.
The second cat is Mr. White. He rarely comes for food, i will only see him once or twice a week. But yesterday he came by and we took the opportunity to bring him for castration.
So far we managed to bring 13 stray cats around the neighbourhood for CNRM under your fund. Thank you so much for the help.



Mr White






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