A hit-and-run cat-victim (How Lili’s)

A few weeks ago, How Lili called me requesting help for an accident cat-victim.

Yesterday, she sent me the details. I shall publish it verbatim without editing as editing would not be able to carry the full meaning and emotions of the writer.  Only the names of clinics have been removed.

Sometimes it pays to seek a second opinion.

We will be subsidising this case once I receive the original receipts from Lili.

Here’s Lili’s story:

  1. 3/11/11 I found the cat infront of my office hit by car. The cat can use infont 2 leg walk only.  I saw cat so pityful, so i bring the cat go to a veterinary clinic . They sent the cat go to their other clinic to do the x-try. Attached is the x-ray. Doctor told me cat bone aldready putus, since the cat is not your own cat, so dun waste time and money for the cat. Just put the cat to sleep. coz need to spend a lot of money. Somemore the cat can not buang tahi and kencing herself. I need to tekan cat stomach to help kencing.  5/11/11 Finally i decide bring the cat go home. It spend RM 202.9/11/11 i found the cat dun wan to eat and drink, coz cat aldy few day did not kencing and tahi. Somemore i try to tekan cat stomach the kencing can not come out and the cat was so angry. Finally i bring the cat go to another veterinary clinic coz is near my house.  Doctor help the cat for kencing and tahi, charge RM 200. Finally the cat wan to eat and drink. Doctor advise take another x-ray, Attached is second x-ray. Finally decide do surgery at 19/11/11. This doctor was so kind and help me coz she know this is not my own cat, so she only charge surgery fee RM 650. After surgery cat can kencing and buang tahi herself already And the back leg try to walk but still very weak can not walk as normal.

    Doctor help to do the 针灸(acupuncture) everyweek, it charges RM 80 per time. Hope the cat can recover faster.

I need the subsidy for the medical treatment for this cat. Hope you can consider about that.
Lili How

The first X-Ray

The second X-Ray.





Get well soon, little kitty.






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