Indy checks out his pathways

Indy wanted to go out to the porch just now, so I had to accompany him again. His jab is due at 10am, so I cannot afford to have him missing.

 Tabs wanted to make friends.

 Nice view out there, Indy, huh?  Tabs makes small talk.

But Indy isn’t interested.

 Sniff, sniff…

 Nope, Indy is not interested.

 Back to grass-sniffing.


 Tabs stays with Bobby. Better not push my luck, she says.

 Indy goes on his favourite catwalk.


He measured the distance first, then jumps!

 Yes, he’s made it!

 This is where Indy got stuck this morning.

 He just loves sniffing at the leaves.


 Yes, you can, Indy…yes, you can.

 Yes, he can!

 And in he goes. Yay! At least I’ve got him back into the house without any coercion.


 I quickly came upstairs to latch the windows so that he cannot go out again.

And while all that was going on, Bunny escaped!

Oh dear…

Now, why can’t all my cats be like Tabs?

Tabs isn’t going anywhere at all. Even if you chase her out, she comes right back.






4 responses to “Indy checks out his pathways”

  1. faizati

    It wont be long before Tabs too will behave like the rest of the gang, now she’s still innocent. Cats DO take advantage on us, and sometimes they take us human for granted too… Trust me, i should know… Ive been bullied to no end by my 4 cats 😉

  2. Susleen

    Looks like Tabs has decided to adopt you :P, and is good to see progress with Indy too ! All the best in road to recovery for Indy.

  3. Joy E. Saga

    So glad that Indy is so much better now. 🙂

    I’m just wondering why Tab’s owner have not looked for her? Are they around or not at home? I always do a headcount on my cats when I get home and everytime I wake up. If they are missing, i will do a search around the house! And they are all indoor cats!!! I would be worried if I can’t find them.

  4. Connie

    Bobby must be wondering why got extra 1 cat 🙂

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