Indy finishes all his jabs!!

This evening, I brought Indy for his last antibiotic jab and guess what, Indy BENT the needle!

That’s his way of saying, “I’m done….goodbye needle!”

But his acupuncture is still ongoing, of course.

 Indy back home after his last jab.

One would think he would be fed-up of AD, but he is not. I’m glad he has a good appetite now.

 We hope we would not have to go to the vet’s for a long, long time, Indy.
You’ll have to eat more healthily now.

 I opened the windows!!

 But in the last two days, Indy had found a place of his own on top of these boxes in the dining area.

 That’s Indy’s spot now and I’m glad because I wouldn’t want him to go out anymore. We’ll be moving soon and all the cats will be confined in the back area.

We went out this evening to hunt for house things and when we came back, Indy was still fast asleep on this same spot.

But just now, I looked, and Indy must have just realised that the windows are open. He’s gone out now. I went to look for him and found him outside the neighbour’s gate. When I called him, he quickly went under a car. Oh well, old habits die hard, I guess. I hope he will come back tonight.





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