Tabs’ news

Tabs has been very well-behaved ever since getting spayed. I guess it’s the recovery period and she’s not exactly feeling that well yet.

I have been keeping her confined in my room all day. It’s better than being caged up.

 Pole came by to visit and just take a look at how fierce Tabs is (look at those ears!).

 When I come into the room, Tabs ambushes me from behind the door and tries to get out. She’s VERY fast.

 So far four vets have said she’s cross-breed, but cannot be certain what breeds she has in her. I’ve heard British Shorthair, European Shorthair, Scottish Fold, etc. It doesn’t matter to me, anyway.

Just now, I let Tabs out to the living room and the poor girl got attacked by Cow.

 So, it’s back to the room now.

Tiger has got back his space. Tabs has found another space, right beside me.

I hope she won’t take over Tiger’s throne again.





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