Dr Veeranoot’s rescue story

Here’s a sharing from Dr Veeranoot:

Attached are the photos of a male black cat as one of my regular
customers for  evening dinner at my area. I managed to rescue him on
the evening of 19th December, 2011.
I planed to bring him to the vet on the following day but it causes so
much of delay due to his cleverness of not letting himself inside the
carrier. I was slightly bitten, I gave up and finally called the vet
to my place on 22nd December in late afternoon, the vet gave him a jab
and slowly place him in the carrier and took him to the clinic in
On 23rd December, this cat is now neutered and receive some
medications for skin infections of both scabies and mite infestation.
The vet said it will take at least two weeks or otherwise more for him
to recover.
At last, I am very happy to be able to do something for him because he
is in the worst condition found among strayed cats that I feed at my











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