Home-cooked catfood from a first-timer

Teddy and Xiao Li are two of my rescued cats last year. They were adopted together by Eugene, a single retiree.

Eugene must have read my blog postings and yesterday, he made a first attempt at cooking for Teddy and Xiao Li. For a man who doesn’t cook his own meals, isn’t this sweet of him?

Here’s his sharing:

I boiled the following and blended them into a paste:

a.  Chicken breastmeat
b.  Chicken liver and heart
c.  Celery
d.  Carrot
e.  English parsley
I dont think I will add potatoes since Teddy is overweight.
I served it to Teddy and he loved it!!!!  XL was initially reluctant to eat. I locked her inside the indoor garden and she ate.
I will give them the soup later since it is still hot.
I dont know if what I did was correct but Teddy loves it.  They are both now “pau pau” and resting.

 This morning, Eugene steamed the frozen portion and served it to Teddy and Xiao Li. Even Xiao Li, the finicky one, ate it all up. The trick, he says, is to keep them hungry enough before serving it to them. I guess Dr S’s regimen of feeding them twice a day should do the trick.

Thank you for sharing your recipe and for taking the initiative to cook for Teddy and Xiao Li!

Anymore to share, folks? Keep ’em coming, please!

Towards better health….for our animals!

What actually (finally!) struck me this time on the importance of food was a combination of what my vet and Dr Susanna said over Indy’s case:

My Vet: You have no idea how many cases we deal with where we don’t know what is wrong with the animal. The trick is to keep them alive long enough to let the body sort itself out.

Dr S: The qi is dependent on the food you feed your animals, and also the health of the kidneys and the spleen. The spleen is like the cooking pot, and kidneys is the fire (fuel). What you put into the cooking pot is the FOOD you feed your animals. It is the food that produces qi, and when your animal has strong qi that flows well, your animal is healthy. Quality food, quality qi.

Food, glorious food!
Qi, glorious qi!
Health, glorious health!







One response to “Home-cooked catfood from a first-timer”

  1. Huey

    My favourite recipes come from this book ‘Dr. Pitcairn’s New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats’. It has plenty of basic recipes inside for both cats and dogs, special needs, kittens and puppies, new mothers, etc., where you can improvise once you have got the basics right. It also explains the important components in a diet, eg: carbohydrates, protein, fibre, minerals, oils, etc and list the food that you can change in between to make sure the animals get everything. It also includes instructions on how to fast your animals. Hehe.

    It recommends raw (except grains, of course) but you can cook too if you want, that’s what I do. My dogs are actually OK with raw food but I myself am not that comfy with it yet, hehe. I started by following the recipe as closely as possible to make sure I got everything right. Now it becomes part of the routine and I just change in between the different meats (chicken, beef, organ, etc), grains (rice, oat, millet, etc if you prefer), and vege + healthy powder (mixture of kelp powder, lecithin, egg shell powder, and nutritional yeast) and the dogs will just finish them up. 🙂

    It also includes other info like medical, homeopathic, etc. It’s quite a thick book. But it’s one of my ‘animal encyclopedia’. 😛

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