When a cat doesn’t like its litter…(LOL!!)

Maneki’s owner and I talk about cat issues often, and the subject of cat litter came up.

So what cat litter do you use? And which type actually works for your cat(s)?

Maneki’s owner couldn’t resist sending me a photo of her friend’s cat, Yin (full name: Lady Faye Yin) who simply refused to touch pine litter.

I’ll let Maneki tell the story. It’s always better and more funny from the first person!

I laughed, too, when I read your woes about introducing change to your cats.  It’s hard! When I adopted Crumpet, I switched to the pine pellet cat litter.  It’s environmentally sane, flushable, non-tracking, economical, and the odor control is superb. MANEKI LOATHED IT.  (Crumpet was already using it in the shelter.) It took me almost a month of burying the pine pellets under her regular litter, gradually reversing the proportions of each, before she finally capitulated. A friend of mine who has an enormous Maine Coon was making the transition at the same time, and her cat, Yin, perched precariously on the sides of the litter box for weeks before allowing her paws to touch that dratted pine litter. (Photo attached.) My friend watched, very nervously, waiting for the whole litter box to flip over, cat and all.  (It never happened.) 😀   You are so right — patience, patience, patience.

Courtesy of blackiebond.blogspot.com

Here’s the full photo of Yin, balancing her very substantial weight on her tippy-toes on the corner of the litter box.  Her expression says it all.

Really, you haven’t been properly hated until you’ve been loathed by a cat.






2 responses to “When a cat doesn’t like its litter…(LOL!!)”

  1. pooi ling

    Hahaha.. the pix is really funny!!! One of my cat goes to the toilet to pee and poo by her ow. When she gave birth,she teaches all her kittens to do their business in the toilet. Now, all my cats (6 of them) including the tomcat pee/poo in the toilet on their own without the help of cat litter.
    The funny thing is, whenever you wanna use the toilet either to bath or pee/poo, they will go into the toilet first and do their things, one by one before you get to use the toilet….

  2. Jiimmy Lee

    Pooi Ling, do you know why they do it every times, it is becoz they know you will surely flush them after they did their business, they know their poo & wee are smelly. haha….

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