Yay! They ate my food!

So, I blended the “muck” I cooked up for Bobby and the cats, and I was going to give it to them for breakfast tomorrow, but Tiger came by as I was halfway blending the food.

Oh, it’s Christmas….a little bit of supper won’t hurt, I thought. And I was also eager to try out my new food even though I know the cats aren’t supposed to be hungry yet.

Never mind…here goes nothing…

 The blender kept stopping – I think the blade isn’t right for blending solids. But this blender only came with one type of blades (it has four blades).

 Tiger ate straight from the container itself!
I couldn’t believe it!
Finicky Tiger (who isn’t supposed to be hungry now) is eating my food!

 And yes, Cow is eating it, too!

 I brought some upstairs for Bunny the Sheikh, and of course, Bunny ate it all up!
Hooray!! That’s 3 of them already…

 Tiger asking to go into the room.

We locked Tabs in because just now, our hearts almost stopped when Tabs escaped by slipping past the door and went out to the road. All four of us went looking for her and it was…heart-stopping indeed. Gosh, the contractors better get my new house ready soon. It’s best we move asap.

 Tabs ate it too!

 Bobby, who is equally finicky, also liked it and ate it all up.
Wow…count…that’s 5 and there’s just three more to go.

Pole already ate a bit earlier on, but that’s before I got it blended. Does that count?

 Indy came asking for food, so I gave him some, but he didn’t want to eat.
I then mixed it with his AD, and he ate it up as well.

 Looks like Indy is a bit addicted to AD for now.
Well, it’s good for him since he had lost 500g while he was sick.

Cleo sniffed at it, and walked away. Okay, it’s alright. We’ll have to work with you a wee bit harder, won’t we?

 But I ate…I’m a good girl, I am.

Yes, Tabs, you are a good girl, you are, but you mustn’t run out to the road, please.

Yes, they say Christmas is a magical day. Indeed it has been for my brood and me!

Tomorrow I’m going add the Natural Pet multivitamins I bought from the store today. It says it uses human grade pharmaceuticals. It has vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.





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