Updates on Fifi, the rescued Siberian Husky (Lee’s)

Lee and I have been communicating via sms on the progress in Fifi’s case. Lee says she would really want to look for a good adopter, preferably someone with experience in looking after huskies and Lee is not in any hurry to get Fifi adopted.

This morning, Lee said a friend of hers, who is crazy about huskies might be interested to adopt Fifi as a companion to his male husky. That sounds really good – an experienced husky owner. Decision this weekend.

And later in the morning, Lee said Fifi had really watery stools, and that was when Lee was about to take Fifi for a check-up at the vet in Taipan, who also happens to be our panel vet. The vet thinks Fifi may have hip dysplasia but only an X-Ray could confirm this. The watery faeces could be just due to stomach upset. The vet recommended fasting for Fifi. Meanwhile, Fifi is underweight at 14.5kg.

Here’s what happened besides the above:

When brought FIFi to the vet in taipan, I asked doctor if he cld confirm whether FIFi is already spayed or not? Doctor can’t find her scar, and dr offered help to call FIFi previous vet, located in puchong. Since dr was busy and hadn’t take his lunch, I said I cn called up Puchong vet n asked myself.

Called up the vet in the Puchong clinic ( I assumed he picked up call ), explained to him I just adopted FIFi and would like to check if she is spayed. sounded reluctant to tell me, but then he checked with d nurse, I heard nurse told him “she already spayed when surgery time.” I was stunned ” what surgery” she meant. I asked doctor if he can tell me of Fifi medical condition, so we know how to take care of her and what is her diet. Incase dr already found out Fifi has hip dysplasia, then i do not need waste my time and money to x- ray. And he didnt want to reveal, asked me to bring FIFi over to him, then only see what he can tell about. Honestly, am really not familiar with Puchong area, therefore I have problem to send her over her previous vet. FYI, did contact owner, tried to find out, but after collected d dog seemed no answer from her.

Pls let me know if you can assist me in this matter by asking the Puchong vet for details.

Some photos of Fifi’s bathtime today, witnessed by Lee’s own two dogs:

I’ve explained to Lee that vets normally will not reveal their patient’s details to any outsider so all the more, I cannot ask for Fifi’s details from the vet in Puchong, as it would not be ethical. As Fifi’s new adopter, Lee could ask (which she already has), but since the vet does not wish to reveal anything, I suppose the next step would be for the Taipan vet to ask the Puchong vet for Fifi’s medical history (from vet to vet) or as the vet wanted, to take Fifi to see him. Surely details such as whether Fifi has been spayed or whether she has hip dysplasia can be revealed so as to prevent Fifi from being opened up again (for spaying) and so that her hip dyspasia (if at all she has it) can be attended to by the new owner.

I also just spoke with Ah Yoke (the “middle-person” who first contacted me to seek help for Fifi). Ah Yoke says she recalls the mother of the owner saying Fifi had been spayed and also vomited blood once. The mother also confirms that Fifi was only fed once a day, and only small amounts as the owner refused to allow more food to be given.

Aren’t we all glad that Fifi is with Lee now?







3 responses to “Updates on Fifi, the rescued Siberian Husky (Lee’s)”

  1. Huey

    Sigh. I was just telling my boyfriend that Fifi looks so skinny in the photos. 14.5kg. Even my medium-sized black mutt is heavier at about 18kg – OK she is slightly overweight but still.

    At 2yo, she is growing and how could the owner not give her enough food to sustain the growth? Some people really has no common sense. I do wonder what’s the purpose of them being human in the first place.

    Definitely glad that Fifi is with Lee now.

  2. Anonymous

    Poor Fifi…hopefully she is alright and a good home is waiting for her…I am asking my husky club member whether anyone willing to adopt her…as I do feel someone with husky experience is best to adopt Fifi…just hope the new owner will commit and take good care of Fifi since she have medical history 🙁

  3. Jeremy

    Poor Fifi, really hope that u will hv a better home now…
    husky has very sensitive stomach especially to high protein n milk product. Eventhough she is underweight, go slow n build up her appetite first, subsequently make sure her general condition is ok…otherwise, no matter what her past medical history, we oso cant do anything on her. Certain can food( for diarrhoea) or vage especially pumpkins is good for the diarrhoea…last but not least plenty n plenty of clean water!
    Fifi, keep fighting ya!

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