Kittens for adoption in Ipoh (Chandrika Ashni’s)

Chandrika Ashni is a student from Ipoh and at this young age, she is already a rescuer. She has kittens for adoption (please see below). Would truly appreciate if we could all help her and forward this link to friends and family in Ipoh.

From Chandrika:

Hi and how are you? I hope you are doing great and still on your feet for the souls who needs you.
I read your book, “See you at Rainbow Bridge”. Believe me or not, i cried so much because it reminds me of my dear pets. I went through the same thing. I love animals and i cant stand seeing them harmed, in pain or just ignore them when they actually need someone to give a hand to lift them up. I am from Ipoh and i only knew about RSPCA in Ipoh. After reading your book i felt so happy knowing that there are people who are considerate and feel the same as i do. My friends calls me crazy and says that i am too particular when it is something to do with animals. Well they actually dont share the same view as i do and i am always bizzare to them. I use to feel left out and degraded. But i dont stop what i am doing because i listen to my heart. Now after reding your book, I feel better and relieved knowing that i do have someone to call a friend who shares my thought.
I have got 3 dogs and 4 cats at home now and i am in the process of taking care of 3 kittens. My aunt found a small box just by the road and to her shock there were 4 adourable kittens left to be hit. It was so obvious that they were left there to die because the road is a busy road. 13 days later, one kitten died i dont know why, he refuse to eat or drink and was so weak but he was the active one among the 4. We tried our best, we brought to the government clinic and the doctor said that he couldn’t tell anything because the kitten was too weak. He pierced drips into the little fellows right sight of the abdomen and the left side of the abdomen and sprayed some water using the drips into its mouth. He ask us to take him home and bring him back when he is serious. My aunt brought him back and to my horror he died on the way. We were so sad and felt that we should have brought him to a private clinic instead. But we cant afford the cost. If i was working and have some money of my own i would not mind spending for the poor souls. Hmmmmm its over and now, we taking turns of taking care of the other 3 kittens. She takes the to her house when i am away on weekends to attend my class in KL. I have asked almost all my friends but none gave a positive answer, there was one girl who was willing to take the 3 of them unless they were siamese kittens. I just cant judge people and sometimes it is so sad. I would love to have them all but as you know we need support at home, my dad is asking me to look for someone as soon as possible. My uncle said he would take them and leave them in his office canteen so that maybe  people who come there would take them. I was so mad at him and asked what if nobody came for them and i even asked him would he leave a 1 week old baby there..? They are just babies and need attention, love and care…even now they are still drinking from the shringe and dont even know how to eat.
I hope that i would soon look for a home for them. Sorry to take your time but sometimes it is a good feeling to just tell everything to someone who would understand your feelings totally and i taught you would and thats why i shared my story with you. Take care and i will always wish you luck and will always keep you in my prayers because there are very little people like you and there so many souls out there awaiting for love and care. I will always be one of your supporters. I would most probably transfer to KL to continue my 5th semester on Eduaction in the coming year so i might drop by after settleing down. Take care, Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year to you.
I have attached the pictures of the kittens…Do have a look..they are really cute…! 😉
My phone number is 017-2942990.
Yours sincerely,










2 responses to “Kittens for adoption in Ipoh (Chandrika Ashni’s)”

  1. Joy E. Saga

    Hi Ashni!

    I’m so glad that you are caring for the kittens! They are absolutely adorable. I am based in Ipoh and am the unofficial supervisor of the cattery in Ipoh SPCA. If you are around town and wanna come help out volunteer at the cattery, do give me a call – 012-5908522.

    Meanwhile, I’ll give a shout out to see if anyone wants to adopt your kittens. I’ve got a friend who also wants to find adopters for 2 kittens she has. Sigh! So many kittens, not enough takers.

    I started with 1 cat, wanted only 2 … end up in 6 months I now have 6!!!! HELP! As usual, when you are fostering, you may end up having to adopt – which is like in my case for 2 of the kittens which I’m trying to get adopted too. All the best Ashni!

  2. Ashni

    Hi Joy,

    Thank you. Well i would definately give you a call when i am free but currently I am buzy with my exams and assignments.

    Ya… you are right sometimes we do end up adopting…!
    Take care and all the best to you.

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