Bunny and Indy’s acupuncture

Today was Indy’s 4th acupuncture and Bunny’s 3rd.

Dr Susanna is very happy with Indy’s progress. His pulse is much, much stronger today, and he is as good as it gets! So, instead of 8 treatments, four already got Indy back to health and he doesn’t need anymore treatments.

Bunny’s pulse, unfortunately, is still almost “non-existent”, which means it is very, very weak. As stout and as “German” as our StarWars walker is, Bunny is actually in poor health. Dr Susanna says Bunny also has a lot of flab (yes, Bunny is obese) and this may be due to years of eating kibble (too much carbohydrates). If Bunny doesn’t reduce his flap, he might get diabetes and that would be really, really serious.

Poor Buns.

But now, Bunny is already on home-cooked food, so he’s on the right track. I just have to work on getting him to reduce his flab.

Bunny also has a lot of blockages in his heart (pericarp) meridian. Unfortunately, to unblock these, the needles had to be inserted on his paw and he did not allow that at all. So we could only do the spleen and the kidneys.  Hopefully, that would help improve the overall balance.

Dr Susanna suspects Bunny has a lot of anxiety, as his problem may be a “mind” matter, and not so much of the body. Coincidentally, Bunny started getting “sick” when I began my packing. Maybe he is very worried of this change and doesn’t know what is going to happen.  So, it could be a case of worry and distress.

Dr Susanna recommends Bach Flowers for Bunny. She will do a mixture of about 7 of the Bach Flower plant extracts to address Bunny’s anxiety.  But the relief is not immediate, as with all things natural. It would take 1-2 months.

About Bach Flowers: http://www.reiki-for-holistic-health.com/bach-flower-remedies.html

Dr Susanna says she has also treated anxiety and sadness in animals who have lost their lifelong companion. She uses the Bach Flower plant extracts as well.

After the acupuncture needles were inserted in Bunny, we put him in the cage. After a few minutes, Dr Susanna saw Bunny “doing something” inside the cage….

Bunny had gingerly taken out all but two needles with his teeth and spat them out in the carrier! He couldn’t reach the two more on his back.

We had to re-do Bunny again.

Indy had his needles first, and he was complaining non-stop with this typical Indy-noises, but he did not take out any of his needles. All were intact after 25 minutes.

Earlier on, I had to go to the neighbour’s to get Indy back home in time for his appointment. It was pure luck that I managed to get Indy to come to me as he was in the taximan’s house again. It took me about 10 minutes to coax him out.

I’ll bet it would be a long, long time before Indy would trust me again.

What?? She called me out to get needles poked into me???

 Indy is in the beige carrier and Bunny in the blue. Bobby is guarding both.

 Tabs came to nose around and watch.

 Bunny, after the 25 minutes.
I plucked out all the needles, clever me, eh?  

Since Indy doesn’t need the treatment any longer, his slot is now given to Bobby for next week. Dr Susanna believes Bobby will benefit from acupuncture too.











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  1. Chen

    The expression on Bunny’s face in the last picture is hilarious. Another priceless Bunny pic. Do you keep a special collection of funny Bunny pictures? Please do then you can publish a special Bunny issue.

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