Escape attempt at 2am

I was so exhausted with all the unpacking, I fell asleep with the cats and was awakened a few hours later by a noise.

Checked and it was nothing. All the cats were safe.

Cleo then came asking for a snack. Their eating timings have gone a little haywire, what with all the adjustment to the new place, so Cleo must be hungry.

I brought out food for her, and everyone else also came except Indy, who was still fast asleep.

As I was washing up after the meal, suddenly, I found Cleo on top of the ledge at the gutter again (yesterday’s place). She walked along that tiny bit of wall and stopped to investigate at a spot towards the end.

I am not clear what the contractor did up there, but there is something there for sure.

Cleo got up on her two hind legs and all I could see was the lower half of her body.

Oh dear, this doesn’t look good at all.

I called her to come down, but knowing Cleo, the only person who could get her or get her to listen would be my husband.

So I had to wake my husband up even though he’s going to work at 5am today, in a few hours’ time.

My husband called Cleo, but she ignored him totally. Then we saw less and less of her as she attempted to squeeze through something there.

We don’t really know what is up there as the contractor had done the best he could to seal off that place (but his intention was to prevent rain from coming through, not the prevent cat from going out!).

My husband had no other option but to forcibly take Cleo down and that was painful…for both of them. We weren’t sure where Cleo was heading and were worried whatever opening that was there could lead right into the drainpipe! Or, maybe onto the roof.

Cleo fought tooth and nail.

It was a most unpleasant (and noisy) experience for both escape attemptee and rescuer….at 2am in the wee hours of a very quiet morning.

We put Cleo into the cage, as we could not calm her.

Then I wanted to give her some water, and she escaped from the cage….only to the sidegate and stayed there.

 The defeated Cleo sulking at the sidegate after the failed attempt to escape into the roof.

 Pole looks on…as though saying, “Been there, done that…I wish you all the best.”

 Cow also looks on.

 Bunny, too.

“I’m too fat to try, so I won’t waste my time. Anyway, this place is named after me, so I ain’t going nowhere.”

 Tabs was frightened by all the catfight noises, so she played it safe.

“I’m staying inside the room where I’m safe.”

 Indy didn’t quite know what happened.

“Huh?” *yawn*

 Husband checked to see what was up there….

 OMG, there is a gap between the polycarbonate and the gutter…

Can’t really blame the contractor as he is not a cat-person and doesn’t understand what cats can do (for that matter, we also can’t predict how far they will attempt just to find a way out).

Here’s Cleo in the room now.

It doesn’t look like she wants to make another attempt. I’ve placed a bucket on the pantry counter top as I think that’s the only spot where she has a foothole to jump up to the narrow ledge.

My husband said maybe it’s a bet amongst the three girls that they must make an escape attempt each. Pole did, Tabs did and Cleo has to do it as well or she would “lose face”!

Well, yes, I know that’s anthromorphising it. But I can only hope that Cleo considers this a “success” and won’t attempt again.

Would have to get the contractor to think of how to Cleo-proof this gap. Sigh…they have so much work to complete before CNY…they barely have time to re-do such things.

Meanwhile, something else is unfolding right now…

We spotted a huge ginger tomcat in our side garden two nights ago. Well, he’s here again and Cow is looking straight at him now from the sidegate.

For Cow, he puts it upon himself to protect the pride.

My husband is going out to spray garbage enzyme on Ginger Tom.

We are so tired, we cannot afford to deal with another feline-chapter right now…

I think eventually, the girls WILL find a way out. I can only hope by that time, they would have learnt that this is their home and they will know how to come back for food and shelter.

Meanwhile, here’s some happier news – more of the cats are now using the litter-box. I saw Tiger using it for “big business” just now. I’m so glad.






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