Cat-grille installed

My new-improved cat-grilled was installed yesterday! Now, we no longer have to close the door…

 I had this designed BEFORE the Pole escapades started. I know it’s not Pole-proofed, but it’s others-proofed. Also, the function of this cat-grille eventually is just to keep Cow & Bunny out of the rest of the house. The grille is only 4 feet high. It is like a child-proof gate.

Cleo didn’t seem interested in the new grille or the scenery outside.
I guess that’s “good” in a way because she’s a likely candidate for a “jump-out”.

This one is interested.

 But decided the gaps are just too narrow for her to squeeze through.

Never mind, I’ll just read my Fun Facts book for now…

Cow and Bunny were interested in the grille, though, but I doubt they can jump out. This grille is actually for keeping Cow and Bunny out of the rest of the house because (well, that was the deal) my husband did not want them spraying all over the house again.

Here’s what is rather amusing. I think Cow & Bunny thought this room and the backyard (Bunny’s Place) plus the kitchen is the entire house. Maybe we shifted into a smaller house, they thought. Because that was all they had seen. Now suddenly, they are exposed to “more areas”.

It’s like “Hey, that’s not fair, there’s more to this house!!

We want out! We want out!

So they both stood at the grille and whined whenever I was not in the room with them.

I thought this was going to go on for a few days, but no, they soon gave up, and it’s been quiet ever since.

I would like to believe that they are quite happy in Bunny’s Room and Bunny’s Place. I would be, if I were a cat! I mean, think about it, there’s the sofa, there’s the three-storeyed apartment inside the room, there is a back garden with cat shelves, grass, sunshine, flowers, a sidegate to look out to the rest of the world.

I’d be happy already…

 And Ms Pole seems quite contented in her condo, too.

 The contractor also secured the gap at the gutter. That elusive gutter gap is now sealed.
Sealed for good!
I hope!

But the polycarbonate for the sidegate can only be done tomorrow (hopefully the contractor turns up). He says he has many, many jobs to do before CNY. I do understand. It’s good enough that he is willing to do such small jobs like mine and for cats, too. The good thing about him is that he takes it all seriously and doesn’t scoff at these cat-jobs.

 I’m quite happy being in here.

 Pole out for a stretch.


 Can I escape through this hole?

 My husband said Pole was probably a military-trained soldier in her previous life because a soldier’s first duty when captured is to escape. By hook or by crook, you escape, that’s your job.

The moment I let Pole out of her cage, she’d be looking up at the cat-fence and everywhere else, looking for loopholes to escape. For this reason, the only time she can sleep peacefully and rest is when she is in the cage. I mean, condo. So I think teaching her to live in the condo with occasional time-out may turn out to be good for her, after all! At least she won’t be obliged to carry out her soldier’s duty to escape!





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