5 month old Shih Tzu pedigree puppy for adoption (Joo n Teng’s)

This is a third party request from Joo n Teng:

Contact – please contact Carol 019 691 3886 for more information.

5-month old Shih Tzu boy puppy (“Chez”).

Free to a good home.  Must be committed to keeping for long-term!

Pedigree – certificates from Malaysian Kennel Association.

Owner regretfully has to give up since condo management cruelly requiring to throw the puppy out.  Daughter is heartbroken so wants a good home.

Urgent – puppy is already boarding at the pet shop.  Only available for adoption next couple of days.

Please forward this email, ask friends, FB – Urgent!

 Note: For all third party requests, our disclaimer holds.







10 responses to “5 month old Shih Tzu pedigree puppy for adoption (Joo n Teng’s)”

  1. yi wenn

    please send me more details. thanks

  2. Joo Ann

    Hello, I would like to adopt this puppy but I need more info n details. Don’t worry I’m not a breeder. Please send me an email thanks.

    1. chankahyein

      Dear Joo Ann and Yi Wenn,

      There is a contact on the post. Could you both please contact her?
      Carol 019 691 3886

      Thank you very much.

  3. hilman

    hi, i am Hilman, i have kept a pomeranian in my history. but my poor doggy left us after 11yrs staying together. which makes us reluctant to take in another doggy. but recently my mum has retire and she is looking for a small dog to accompany her and also sometime to keep her occupied. as dog need lots of attention and i guess keeping another new doggy will be the best choice. plz contact me on : 016-8887546. you are most welcome come over and check on the new home before the doggy is being adopted.

  4. lau

    is this pup still available for adoption ?

    1. chankahyein

      Kindly contact the rescuer directly for information.

  5. Kabir

    Can I have the puppy?

  6. syalini

    hye,,,,m syalini,,,i edy av a family of puppies at hm…..the adults r lucky n girlie,,,,,n they av 3 cute baabies,,,,,shaggy,shabern sugar ,,,n i would like chez 2 join us……..plz contact me at 014-9723168

  7. Leah

    Hi we are really intrested we already have a shih tzu boy and are looking for one more , we would welcome him into our family as part of our family

  8. thasna

    can i have this puppy??im looking past so many months.. need for adoption..

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