A probable “Poleway” to freedom (no escape today)

I figured this was probably how Pole escaped yesterday. She has “demonstrated” it to me twice so far.

 From the wooden shelf, she gets onto the clothes line.

 She has no problems at all walking on the clothes line.

From the clothes lines, I figured she can hop onto the water pipe and from there, onto the gutter and thereon, onto the roof….to freedom! But it would involved some acrobatic contortion on her part which I don’t doubt she has.

 She tries but gives up. Or, she knows she is being watched, so she won’t reveal her secret “Poleway”.

I’ll call the contractor and if he is kind enough to make another trip here, I’ll polycarb this gap.

 She gets onto another shelf and looks back at the water pipe.

 Oh, these are plants Chen brought for me yesterday. One of them is catnip. Help Chen! Which one?

 Stargazing, waiting for the mothership? Or just relaxing?

 I wish I had my own condo too.

 Maybe Pole can tell me which is the catnip?

 Cow takes a nap.

 Houston to mothership, do you read? 

 Me is Tabs, and Tabs is happy in ze condo.

 She tries again.

 Nope, the angle is not right.

 We are here, mothership. Do you read? 

 Mothership did not come, but someone else did.
No, it’s not Gorilla. It’s a black cat. And it’s huge.

 Cleo helps Pole in her survey.

 One day….

 Tabs, on the other hand, is more “grounded”. She has been trying to sneak out whenever we open any door.
What’s with the females, anyway? The males are all pretty contented staying in. The females must go out and hunt?

 “Shadow” strolls along the wall.

There is also another pair of beautiful white cats who comes by from the back neighbour on the right. Our back garden used to be their playground before we moved in. My husband says they are the Blueys Senior. I call them the Snow White Sisters. Will take a photo next, if I see them.

 Cow continues to watch.

 It’s back to the condo for you, Pole.
Can’t take the risk.






5 responses to “A probable “Poleway” to freedom (no escape today)”

  1. Chen

    In the 1st plant picture, the catmint is on the extreme right. It’s not true catnip (which is Nepeta Cataria) because it needs cooler weather to grow. The one I gave you is a milder version (Nepeta Mussinii) that can tolerate our hot weather here. But the smell is still enjoyable for cats. For the cats to appreciate it, you have to crush/break the leaves for the smell to come out. Naturally, don’t do that if you plan to grow it in your garden or else the cats will be busy chewing/pawing/rolling over it. For catnip/catmint info – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nepeta

  2. Yen Ling

    Those cats who come by for a visit/stroll are really huge! Pets of someone?

    1. chankahyein

      I think they are from the back neighbour to the right.

  3. Susleen

    Now I really want to know what your neighbour feeding their cats LOL. All seem to be huge. Good luck in keeping up with Pole’s escape acts. She’s a cat that would think of anything in the name of freedom.

  4. Chen

    The feline ladies want to go shopping. The males only want to stay home, watch TV, read the news and nap.

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