“I’m back on track…for CNY!” – says Indy

Indy was up and about this morning. He walked out by himself for breakfast and after breakfast, he JUMPED (yes, JUMPED) up onto the highest shelf of the Cat Apartments in the room (his former favourite perch while at the old house) and has stayed there since.

 I’m up again!

 Yes, that’s our Indy, alright!!

 Meanwhile, Tabby Inc. has taken over Pole’s condo.

 Poor Pole had no place to go to, so she took over Bunny’s pink box.

 I’m back on track, folks! Thank you for all your positive vibes!

 Bunny’s on the sick cushion now…

 Our Houdini-girl seems more settled now.

 And Tabby Inc. is very happy in the condo.

Indy’s recovery (fingers crossed) must be a combination of acupuncture and the Clavomox, Neurobion and Vetri DMG. I doubt the stemcells work so fast as I just started him on it yesterday. Will continue and hope for more recovery. After all, there IS something not right about Indy’s AG ratio. The vet suspects the filter at his kidneys is deteriorating. That being the case, the stemcells would be useful.  To put it in layman’s terms, stemcells go to where there is damage and repairs whatever it can.






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