Indy feels better!

I’m one who lives IN the moment because I’ve learnt that that is all we have in life – moments.

So, my life is all about living IN the moment, doing the best I can, rejoicing if there is a reason to, and being patient and accepting if things are not working out right though I’ve done my best.

Right now, I’m rejoicing because….Indy seems to be feeling better this evening!

What could have trigger this change?

Well, let me see….

1. We had a stream of visitors today and Indy had a bit of attention. Maybe that helped?

2. Dr Susanna did acupuncture on him.

3. He started on StemTech today.

4. He’s been on Neurobion and Vetri DMG, maybe it has kicked in.

5. He’s on Clavomox, maybe that kicked in, too.

6. It’s time to feel better?

After the last of the visitors left (two children played with him), Indy walked out on his own and went out to the garden. When that happens, I throw a party!

 Going out for some night air.

 Pole says “hi”.

Indy and Pole had always had this merry-go-round of I-bully-you-today-you-bully-me-tomorrow relationship since a few months back. We’d never know who is the bully because they take turns in becoming the “villain”.

 Supper time!

 Going back to his cushion.

 Ultraman is always near.

The children who visited were fascinated to see the cats going crazy over the catnip leaves.

 Meanwhile, Tiger and Tabs have taken over Pole’s condo.

 And Pole is at the furthest corner.





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