Subsidy for rescued mother-dog and puppy (Jeannette Leong’s)

Jeannette Leong wrote to me sometime ago regarding a mother-dog and her puppy:

Dear Kah Yein,

Mother and pup were living in an abandoned car park near a coffee-shop
in Kota Kemuning.
Mother was looking for food at the coffee-shop when I saw her and later
followed her to the carpark and found that she had a puppy.
Was feeding her regularly when one day I spotted a few male dogs hanging out
at the same place. I realised that she was about to go on heat again, that’s when I
contacted you for neutering help.
Arranged with the vet for neutering and when the day was near, went to catch her

and vet said that she and pup had kennel cough, runny nose.

She and pup stayed at clinic until both of them were strong enough for the

operation as vet said she had to cure the cough and runny nose first.
As they were getting better, I asked vet if I could just put them back at the car park
until they fully recovered and later bring them back for neutering.
She had advised not to do so as the cough might reoccur especially it was the rainy
season in dec and whatever treatment that was given was wasted.
The total amount of the bill is RM790 together with neutering.
I just hope that you can help me with some of it, would really appreciate it.
Jeannette Leong



The total bill of RM790 comprises RM240 for two spayings (mother and puppy) and RM550 for the treatment of kennel cough and running nose (RM82 for medication + RM468 for 9 days’ boarding).

Jeannette also sent me a letter from the vet justifying the need for the boarding, so we have taken that into consideration as well. Normally, we do not subsidise for boarding if it is unwarranted and we prefer that the rescuer find means to foster the animals.

As such, our subsidy for these two cases would be:

Two spayings – RM240 (full sponsorship)

Medication – RM41

Boarding – RM117  (for half the duration)

Total subsidy = RM398

The subsidy has been disbursed to Jeannette.



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