Updates on Flower and Coco (Anita’s)

Ref: http://animalcare.my/2012/01/20/flowers-cat-with-feline-panleukopenia-cat-parvovirus-anitas/

Here’s updates from Anita:

Coco: After 7 hours of administering RetroMAD1, she is much more energetic, walking up and down the length of the house and playfully hopping after the broom. Still will not eat on her own but she did manage 2 or 3 kibbles. Will be forcefeeding her AD shortly. She meowed at everyone this morning, too.

Flower: Still hanging on.

Flower and Coco needs our prayers, folks. I’ve asked Anita for a photograph of both cats, but she only managed to send one of Flower’s.

We have pledged to help subsidise the medical treatment of both Flower and Coco since both are rescued strays.







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