Please support Furkids Projekt!

Updates on 31st May 2012 – We have received news from a reader that this project may not be in operation anymore.


Disclaimer: and postings with respect to appeals for assistance, donations and animals for adoption are posted as received. Dr Chan and AnimalCare do not have the resources to authenticate or verify the same. Readers respond at their own risk, so please exercise due caution and care.






4 responses to “Please support Furkids Projekt!”

  1. Ty

    This guy generated online sales through his facebook page – Furkids Projekt. I paid but afterwards his facebook page has been deleted and my messages asking for items that I paid for were not replied. Anyone encountered the same thing?

    1. chankahyein

      Dear TY, Let me contact him and see what his response is.

  2. keyla

    hi, may i know what happen to Furkids Projekt cuz actually im one of d volunteer who indirectly helping d team to sell d badges…

    pls get back to me…thx

    1. chankahyein

      Dear Keyla, The project was initiated by Zeezam. I contacted him after that earlier comment and he said he would respond to the person who wrote the comment. I hope he has. Please contact “zeezam .” . It was his project and we merely helped him publicise it.

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