Indy and Bobby’s acupuncture

Today, Dr Susanna came over for Indy and Bobby’s acupuncture.

Indy is still anaemic (from the paleness of the mucus membrane), but Dr S said the animal’s clinical condition is a better gauge than anything else, so since Indy appears to be fine, it should not be a cause for grave or immediate concern or worry. Indy has been behaving very normally and very “Indy-ly” ever since the last treatment. It was like an immediate total recovery for him. But this time, we are not taking chances, so we’re going to do the acupuncture treatments for him for a longer period. Anaemia could also be related to some kidney dysfunction, so this could be the cause of Indy’s paleness.

 Bobby asleep with the 16 needles in him. You cannot see the needles as they are the same colour as his fur!

Bobby will need more acupuncture treatments, probably on a long term basis.






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