Bobby meets Sunshine at the vet’s

Bobby had a lot of eye discharge this morning and the liquid looked pink, so I took him to the vet’s.

Coincidentally we had also made an appointment for Sunshine, so we met up.

 Waiting for our turn.

The vet said Bobby is actually in pretty good shape for his age. I was concerned about his weight loss. His weight used to be around 5.2kg, but he is now only 4.5kg. But the vet said this is quite expected as one ages. Also, with the house-move and all, his meals has not been regular because he cannot find his foodbowl! And the cats have stopped taking him to his foodbowl like they used to previously. I’ve finally resorted to hand-feeding Bobby now. I would put him on my lap and either hand-feed him or put the bowl very close to his mouth.

The vet said his eye discharge is no cause for alarm since Bobby is already blind. It did not look serious, anyway, but I could get an ointment to reduce the discharge. The vet, did, however, pull out the fur from Bobby’s ears! I know I am supposed to do that, but he won’t let me. There was no ear infection, though.

So, all in, the vet said Bobby is in good shape…for this age.

 Here comes Sunshine….!

 Sunshine listening intently as we all discuss her case.

 Sunshine is as fine as can be and can already be spayed. We’ll get that done soon.

 Bobby sleeping all the way home.

 This is his eye ointment.

 I’ve put Bobby on Hyaflex for about a week now. It’s recommended by my friend, Cathy. There is Hyaflex for dogs and cats and it’s meant for arthritis and joint problems. I wonder if it is due to the Hyaflex, ‘coz the vet said Bobby’s arthritis wasn’t that bad this time!

See this:

Since I was very concerned about Bobby’s weight, the vet said Bobby could do with more protein and some carbohydrates, too. I’ll hand-feed him more  diligently now.






2 responses to “Bobby meets Sunshine at the vet’s”

  1. Janz

    Hi Dr Chan, may i knw where can i get this ‘HyaFlex’? My boy was diagnosed as having ‘Pateller Luxation’… I would like to give it a try.


    1. chankahyein

      Hi Janz, A friend got it for me. Pls write to me at and I’ll get you in touch with her or her contact.

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