Subsidy for 14 puppies (Sharon Elizabeth Tan Tai Ching’s)

We have subsidised a total of RM330 for the vaccinations for 14 rescued puppies and RM50 for two mange jabs for two of them.

From Sharon:

Happened to meet this old couple and they been helping strays for a while now. They were using space of an empty lot next door to their place until the owner came up and told them to vacate the place by month end of March. Since she happened to meet me, for the kindness of what they were doing to help strays and no access to internet / PC, I promised to help move the puppies out by the deadline. They still have about 8 adult dogs to find homes / shelters for, but I mentioned I couldn’t help much with the adult dogs yet as I need to find homes for these lil pups first.

In order to relocate them, whether to a shelter or vet or whatever, I needed to get them all checked and vacinnated. Contacted the vet in Kajang, and he has vacinnated all of them (14 pups) and two mange shots to 2 pups.

By some miracle, some stranger has offered to help me board them for one month til end of April, in this time I am trying to push for homes for them.

Thanx !!! I think this should be the last bill to claim for the time being.
















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