Mother-cat and 3 kittens for adoption (Andy Lew’s)

If interested to adopt, please contact Andy Lew at his email below.

From: Andy Lew <>
Date: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 5:49 PM
Subject: seeking for adoption
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr,

I am writing to seek your help to blog Brenda ( mother cat ), Peaches ( the Calico kitten , female) , Raisin ( the white with some black kitten, male ) and Billie ( the white kitten, not sure male/female) for adoption. Last few weeks, the mother carrying 3 kittens, rushed into our warehouse  then hide under the pallets. We fed them with food and drinks. They disappeared without us knowing after meal. 3 days ago, they reappear in front of our office. We fed them and decided to catch them for spaying and adoption. The mother cat is extremely friendly and tame. She would allow us to just catch her into a cage. We sent the mother for spaying on the same day and kept the kittens in the office. We have cleaned them and applied Revolution. The mother cat was brought back to office today for reunion after the surgery. she is a great mother!! she immediately groom the kittens and breastfed them. The other kittens are all healthy.
I hope someone is willing to give them a forever home. I dont mind if they are adopted separately since i know small chances they will be adopted altogether.
Andy Lew

 Brenda (mum), Billy and Peaches

 Billy or Billie (not sure of gender yet)


 Raisin (male, according to the vet)

Brenda, the ever-friendly mum.






3 responses to “Mother-cat and 3 kittens for adoption (Andy Lew’s)”

  1. Adi Solikin

    Billy/Billie looks a lot like the Blueys 🙂

  2. ChingFoon

    Hi,may I know where is your location?I’m at Kulai Johor. If u r in JB area would like to adopt for Billy,it look quick similar with my cat that just passed away on 29/11/12.

    1. chankahyein

      Andy Lew is in Selayang area. Please do contact him to enquire.

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