Please use standard sized (white) envelopes (60 sen stamps)

Hi everyone,

This is just to inform all applicants (in case you do not know) that the postage of 60 sen (stamps) is only when we use standard sized envelopes (24cmX11.4cm, roughly) and it has to be white. For any other size or colour, the postage is 80 sen and I was informed by the Post Office that if insufficient stamps are used, the post office will either reject the mail or the recipient will be fined if the mail is delivered.

So, for those who are posting the subsidy claim forms, could you please use standard sized white envelopes?

The above does not apply when you use Pos Ekspres, of course.

Thank you.






One response to “Please use standard sized (white) envelopes (60 sen stamps)”

  1. Jennifer

    If a non-standard envelope is used, the recipient will be fined.

    Please see this for Pos Malaysia’s requirements:


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