Young volunteers at Imm’s Shelter

A few weeks ago, Kerry and Pritpal wrote to me offering to volunteer at Imm’s Shelter. The connections were made and here is an account from Judy Chua about how Kerry and Pritpal helped out at Imm’s Shelter.

Dear all

It is always such a joy to see young people with caring hearts for animals.   The shelter’s cats and dogs were once again blessed with the presence of 2 teenagers ..Kerry and Pritpal who are Upper Six formers in Ipoh.   The last time we had young volunteers was way back in 2011, when Yvonne’s son, Curtis and his college friend, Swee Ee, came in on a regular basis to help clear the dog poo and clean the dog kennels.  We did not have a hired worker till mid-Nov 2011 and so had to rely on a handful of regular volunteers (Yvonne, Curtis, Swee Ee, Carol, Ah Mei) who had responded to Imm’s appeal for help on Dr Kah Yein’s myanimalcare website.  Pritpal and Kerry reminded me so much of Curtis and Swee Ee. Young, happy, caring and respectful.

Pritpal and Kerry had emailed me on 30 Dec 2012. They had come across Imm’s shelter from the AnimalCare blog and were keen to help as volunteers. Their first visit to the shelter was last Sunday  (6 Jan) and again this Sunday (13 Jan).  On their first Sunday, after the getting to know you session with all the cats and dogs,  Kerry and Pritpal rolled up their sleeves to give a good scrub and clean to a nasty spot in the common area.  Next was helping to bathe Tammy and co.  Today, they helped give the new store area (part of the old cattery) a good clean-up, as well as bathe a few more dogs.  Below are pictures of our young volunteers helping at the shelter.

Kerry & Pritpal … from all the cats and dogs ..TQ with appreciative meows and woofs!.

Three cheers for Kerry and Pritpal!






2 responses to “Young volunteers at Imm’s Shelter”

  1. cindy

    Hello Imm and Judy,
    Good to know you guys are getting some extra hands from Kerry and Pritpal. Even with the help of a worker, there are lots of work to be done, or catch-up.


  2. Bern

    Seeing young ppl helping out for animal causes always make my heart leap for joy. For these are the ones who gives hope and spread love to the animals. Bravo guys!

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