Urgent help required: Abandoned and hungry dogs in Tanjung Malim (an alert by Wazura Saruni)

If you live in the Tanjung Malim area, please help these dogs as they appear to have been left in a corner bungalow and are extremely hungry, according to our reader, Wazura. Please do the needful (feed them) and kindly enlist other friends in the area to help too. All animals need food and shelter and if they are confined without these basic necessities, they will suffer.

For the exact location of this corner bungalow, please write to Wazura for details.

From: Wazura Saruni <wazura_saruni@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, May 26, 2013 at 10:40 AM
Subject: Abandoned dogs in Tanjung Malim
To: Chan Kah Yein <chankahyein@gmail.com>

Hi Dr. Chan,
It’s been a year since our last email regarding Tompok. She’s now healthier than before, thanks a lot for your help.
The reason I emailed you today is to get help or advice as yesterday, on my way back to KL from Tapah I stopped at Tanjung Malim to get a taste of the famous pau shop.
Unfortunately we came across a vacant house which is very well kept and the gate is locked with 5 dogs which all of the dogs are skinny and we could not see any food/water container in the house compound.. at that time, one of the dog is scratching on the ground and eat the soil/grass.. it is really sad to see them like that..
We threw in whatever food we had in the car at that time including cakes and junk foods.. they ate like they never eat for months.. the house located behind of a Pau shop.. the old corner bungalow.. there is also a shed/cage at the back of the house but not sure whether there is any other dogs/animals in it..
Really appreciate if someone could help to give some foods or help to get them out from that place so that they will not die of starvation and thirst.
Attached is the picture.
Thanks a lot for your attention to this email. May God bless you and your family always.

If the owner of these dogs reads this post, please be advised that this post is written with the sole intention of helping these hungry dogs and no malice is intended.

Our disclaimer holds.






3 responses to “Urgent help required: Abandoned and hungry dogs in Tanjung Malim (an alert by Wazura Saruni)”

  1. Joanne Lim (Klang)

    Dr Chan, can Wazura give exact address of the location ? With this, maybe ppl from nearby could go help to check. This doesnt look like an abandoned house. My guess is probably the owner only comes once a while to maintain the house. Looks like the dogs r used only to guard the house n they r rarely given food as owner doesn’t live there.

    1. chankahyein

      Yes, she can. As stated in the post, please write to her for the exact location. She is on email. We cannot publish the address without the owner’s consent.

  2. Joanne Lim (Klang)

    OK, I will write to her and maybe suggest to report this to SPCA ? An owner who doesn’t provide daily food, should be reported.

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