Have you voted for our new tshirt? (Part 3 of the voting process)

Ref: http://animalcare.my/2013/07/14/horizontal-or-vertical-design-part-2-of-voting-for-new-tshirt/

Hi Everyone,

Have you voted yet?

As it stands now, at 1.40pm, Monday, 15th Jul 2013:


Dark Green – 5
Army Green – 18
Orange – 13
Cobalt Blue – 16


Vertical – 17
Horizontal – 15


If you have not voted yet, please cast your vote! You have until tonight, 9pm!

Thank you!






17 responses to “Have you voted for our new tshirt? (Part 3 of the voting process)”

  1. Emily

    Cobalt Blue; Vertical 🙂

  2. Amy

    Vertical orange

  3. Nui

    Dear Sis Chan,

    Blue BLue BLUE!
    Thank you.

  4. Chloe Yap

    Why no black?

    1. chankahyein

      Because we already have a black tshirt (AnimalCare are our Friends). We are looking for a new (popular) colour.

  5. Vivi Loh

    Cobalt Blue

    May blue take the lead! Thanks!

  6. Inez

    Horizontal Army Green!

  7. FF

    vertical cobalt blue

  8. vertical army green~

  9. yvonne

    Hi Dr Chan,

    Horizontal Army Green for both my husband and I.

  10. Su

    Army green, vertical please

  11. mookie

    dark green, vertical!

    1. mookie

      sorry! i meant dark green horizontal!

  12. Kukuigirl

    cobalt blue. Vertical.

  13. ChiewLeng

    Vertical, Army green.

  14. pooi ling

    Army green,horizontal

    1. chankahyein

      Ha ha. Your army green vote has already been counted on Day One!

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