Vincent’s evening

I took the vet’s advice and let Vincent play his staring game. The vet was absolutely correct in saying that cats are just “gods of another religion” (!!) and it’s sometimes futile for us to try to understand them, especially from our limited human perspective.

How would we know what they want, right?

By 4pm, Vincent came to the kitchen to ask for food. This time I was quite sure he would eat, and I was right.

He ate…a lot.

I hope the food stays in this time. And I’m still hoping the Azodyl is making its way from the stomach to the intestines….

Of course whenever Vincent eats, Tabs and Heidi will get something too.






2 responses to “Vincent’s evening”

  1. Pui Fun

    Kah Yein, in lieu of Azodyl, you can use Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics for pets. Azodyl only has 3 types of beneficial bacterium species whereas The complete probiotics has the entire spectrum. You can on,y get it online and have it shipped in from the US. My cat was on Azodyl for 6 years before Dr. Susanna recommended Mercola’s formula. My boy Russell has been on it for the past 2 years and thankfully no relapse. Mercola’s probiotic is also a lot cheaper than Azodyl. Your other cats can also have it as a supplement.

    1. chankahyein

      Thanks, Pui Fun. I bought one jar before too (from Asia Paws) and all the cats were given it occasionally. I will get one again. When you say “relapse”, what do you mean? What kind of relapse? Does Russell have an appetite problem (trouble eating)? My biggest problem now is that Vincent cannot bring himself to eat. And he hates being force-fed. The vet said that being the case, the energy that he expends fighting off the force-feeding may well be more than whatever energy any force-fed food can provide, so it may do more harm than good.

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