Another drum roll, please!!

It happened at 2.20pm, after I returned home with fresh chicken for Vincent and the cats.

It was past their lunch time, so everyone was excited.

I fed Vincent (but he just stared at the food and did not eat – it’s okay), Tabs, Heidi and Ginger, then I brought in Monge, Cubgrub and two slices of cut chicken meat. It was supposed to be for Cow’s clan.

But Pole was waiting at my table, so…why not?

Let’s see if she can eat any of it. After all, there’s three types of food in the bowl.


I was so happy I didn’t even dare move. Just held on to my phone.

She went for the Monge first, then the Cubgrub (oh yay! Pole is eating Cubgrub again!!), but she merely licked the chicken pieces. Even last time, Pole didn’t eat chicken meat. She probably does not recognise it as “food”.

So, I’ll classify this meal as an A+ for Pole!

Way to go, Pole!!

Oh, and there was no more pawing at the mouth after she finished eating!!  Double yay!!





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