Vincent’s A++ dinner and more about the subcut

I’m now convinced that Vincent “listens” to his vet!

The vet talked at length about the importance of balancing Vincent’s raw diet today. I too was determined to make it more balanced by including organs.

Look at Vincent’s dinner just now:

I may not have captured those special moments, so please let me describe them here.

When Vincent came into the kitchen asking for food, I first offered him something familiar – the chicken meat (muscle meat).

Guess what?  He looked at me as though saying there was something missing!

So I took out the organ meats and put a few slices on top.

He started eating!

How does he know he needs organs in his diet??

Previously, he refused to eat and would walk away.

Of course the quantity of organ meat cannot be too much, so after he finished, he looked at me again. I told him to eat the rest of the chicken.

Then, as an inducement, I poured the “gravy” from the organs container onto the chicken pieces.

Vincent started eating!

You can see him specifically choosing the organs to eat up first.

Cats are discerning and smart, aren’t they?

Maybe on the next trip, I could request the vet to tell Vincent to make it easier for me to pill him?

I forgot to share one more thing – why Vincent struggles towards the end of the subcut. The vet explained that the cat’s normal body temperature is about 38-39 degrees. But the subcut fluids is only about 26-27 degrees (room temperature), so once much of it has gone in, the cat would start to feel cool (maybe even cold) on that part of the body. Some cats don’t like this.

That is why they struggle.

So, how many meals have Vincent eaten today.


Breakfast was an A+.

Lunch was an A+ with organs.

Dinner was an A++ with organs. He ate A LOT just now.


Goodnight and sleep tight, Vincent!





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