The evening

After the successful 200ml subcut today, Vincent seemed happy.

One step up…Yay!

Vincent asked for food at about 4.40pm. There was some staring first, and I just left him with the food after which he ate.

The sound of happiness is the sound of Vincent chewing his raw meat happily.

I just shared a short 13 min video of Dr Karen Becker talking about managing CKD cats. She talks about giving quality human-grade protein.

Vincent is smart – he IS eating quality human-grade protein. Cats know what’s best for them, when it comes to food.

Vincent came to sit with us in the living room when we watched tv – something he hasn’t done since he was sick.

Hopefully, with better hydration and some weight gain, his condition will stabilise and we can get down to a comfortable pace of managing his CKD. We just need to get there.






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