Vincent’s meals and subcut

After today’s “play-time”, I went to work and came home to have Vincent greeting me at the door. And this time, he did not try to escape.

Lunch at 11.50am – chunky raw meat and Cubgrub.

A second lunch with Ginger at 1pm.

Subcut at 3.44pm.

We are still using the green needle, so 220ml would take quite sometime.

Halfway through, at around 100ml only, the needle came off – oops!!  So, we had to re-do on the other side with a fresh needle.

All in, it took only 10 mins, but it sure felt “very, very long”. After the 200ml mark, Vincent started coughing a little, so I let him sit up. The coughing stopped after the subcut finished.

The vet had told me to monitor for coughing and let her know. She is monitoring just in case any fluids might get into Vincent’s lungs.

So I reported to the vet and she asked how Vincent’s hydration is. I took two videos of the pinch test and sent it to her. The vet then said to reduce it to 200ml tomorrow – great!

An early dinner at 4pm and this was a FEAST!

It started with Cubgrub, followed by a bit tablespoon of home-cooked, then an entire can of Cindy’s Tuna with Sea Bream!

It is such a joy to watch Vincent eat!! He has had four meals today.

Meanwhile, my order of Cubgrub arrived today (next post, please).






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