Gold-D goodies for the cats

I ordered some Gold-D goodies for the cats and they arrived on the very next day.

A new treat for Vincent!

I bought the non-tuna seafood mix so that I get three flavours (salmon, mackerel and sardine). These three flavours contain taurine and prebiotics.

I also ordered three scratch pads.

They love it!

Indy uses it as a bed. So comfy and good for cold days as cardboard keeps the cats warm.


And Indy loves it so much, he even refuse to get off from it to eat. I had to put his bowl onto the scratch pad. I guess he’s afraid that if he moves away, someone might take his pad!

Everyone loves it as a bed more than a scratch pad!!

A very good buy – it IS advertised as a scratch pad and a resting pad too!

I bought the calendar as well. All of the RM15 will come to AnimalCare at the end of the month. Do consider buying it as gifts to friends and cat lovers.

And on the February page – my goodness, this cat looks EXACTLY like Tiger!


I asked Mr Chan, founder of Gold-D and he says this is Seng Seng, the CEO of Gold-D!!

To buy from Gold-D and contribute to our Neutering Fund:





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