Vincent’s back to Primal

I hit the jackpot this morning by getting Vincent’s breakfast right in the first try!

I “figured” it could be Primal today and YES!

I made a big bowl of Primal today.

Bought this new bowl yesterday, it is more rounded. Vincent has problems picking up food from the sides of his previous dish as it has a flat bottom.

After days of playing the “staring game”, we have a good hit-the-jackpot start today!

Vincent prefers the Chicken-Salmon flavour to the Turkey.

The advantage of Primal is that you can rehydrate just before feeding, so there’s less chances of contamination. For the ready-made wetfood, there’s the problem of storage and it has to be used up within 2 days (even if kept in the fridge). Once opened, it’s already exposed to air, so it starts to decompose. I’m facing that problem with the Cubgrub Duck right now as Vincent has refused to eat it. Bunny is “helping” to finish it up!






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