Vincent’s blood test results

Our day started at 5.20am with breakfast. Vincent ate his usual amount.

I managed to put the Semintra into the food. Vincent was VERY hungry so it all got eaten along with the food. Yay!

Since Vincent’s steamed fish and chicken isn’t exactly balanced, I mixed taurine powder, Vitamin E powder and bone meal into his tub for the purpose of adding it into his food. I did this today and he walked away from it. Tsk…a failure.

Vincent was really hungry and even add a bit of Cubgrub (well, at least Cubgrub is a balanced diet). I was so happy.

But he walked away after he sensed the “supplement powder” in the food, so while he was drinking water, I tried some raw liver for him. He used to LOVE raw liver and he hasn’t eaten this for the longest time.


OH wow…..he was SO happy with it and ate a lot.

I know it was too much, but how can you stop him when he loves it so much, right?

Indy had some raw liver too. He was very happy.

By 9.30am, it was time to go to the vet’s for his check-up.

That’s when I found a pile of vomit on the floor. Sigh…this could be due to (1) eating raw liver, (2) eating too much, (3) eating too fast or (4) sensitivity to the Semintra. He did vomit before too, due to (2), (3) and (4). So I cannot really pinpoint the cause.

Waiting for our turn at the vet’s.

Well, the best news of the day is that Vincent’s PCV has gone up to 23% after 2 weeks of being on Darbepoetin! From 16%, it went up to 20% and now, it’s 23%! It’s still not back to normal (which is 26%), but it’s good enough.

On the clinic scale, Vincent has not put on weight, but the vet says there’s a slight gain of 100g. As long as there is no weight loss, it is good, she said.

I brought Vincent’s medicine along just in case the vet wanted to give any. She did. She gave him the Azodyl using the pill popper. The first round failed, the second succeeded. But Vincent didn’t like it.

He was given his third Darbepoetin injection today plus a B-12 injection.

The vet says to continue doing whatever we have been doing. She says there’s still too much protein in the fish and chicken but if that’s the only thing he could eat, we have no choice. Vincent decides.

I have noticed that Vincent rejects medicines. He is only good when it’s subcut time. He doesn’t fight the subcut but he fights when any form of medicine is administered to him, including the Tramadol on the ear (we have stopped that now).

Oh, another good news is that the mouth ulcers have no more pus so there’s no need to carry on with the Clindamycin anymore. Thank goodness for this.  Vincent hates this too.

Back home!

Lunch at 1pm. I just added two small slices of liver, the rest was steamed fish and chicken. He loves the soup.

Unfortunately again, after we returned from taiji, there were two piles of vomit on the floor. It looks like something isn’t quite right with his stomach today. I should give him some probiotics, but putting anything in to his food is asking for trouble.

So, I’ll just let him rest. He didn’t want anymore food at 5pm when everyone else had dinner.

He was very good during subcut. As always.

Well, there will be good moments and not-so-good moments. That’s life.






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