Vincent’s morning

Vincent has been mischievous lately – but this is all good!

He slept on my feet last night, maximising the use of the cotton bedspread for himself – smart fellow! Then, as usual, he came to sleep on my pillow at about 5am – that’s my wake-up call.

When we came downstairs, Vincent went straight to Stargate2. Buddy was already there. Of course Vincent wanted to go out, but no, I’m not going to be tricked for a second time. No, no.

Breakfast, Vincent. In the kitchen, please.

Vincent: Do I have to eat this? 

I offered Cubgrub Duck first – he did not want that at all. Cubgrub Chicken – also no. Primal rehydrated – no.

Vincent: Actually, I just want to go out and talk to Buddy, can I? 

No, Vincent. I know you want to go sit under the car across the road. So, no.

He wanted only Monge so Monge it is. As long as he eats, right?

From Monge, he went on to Cubgrub Chicken (but no Coco&Joe’s – this is not “in season” yet).

And even Primal.

No worries, no food is wasted. Bunny and gang got all the leftovers and are thankful for everything.

Then, Vincent went out to Stargate again.

After a few minutes, he came back for his second breakfast. That is the pattern these days. Two breakfasts. Then, a long nap.

Ginger: You see? You see? Why does Vincent get to eat two breakfasts?  What about me? 

But you get your dim sums too, Ginger.

Somehow, Vincent kept looking at me to ask for something else. Ah, you need a new flavour, don’t you?

I had not given Monge’s Tuna Chicken for many weeks now, so I tried that, and…


This is today’s super hot favourite flavour!!

Vincent: You have anymore hidden flavours? 

Er, let me look in my magician’s hat….nope, no more, Vincent. You have tried them all.

Now, he is taking his long nap, probably until 3pm when he wakes up for lunch.

THANKS to Vincent, I have successfully managed to postpone lunch to 3pm…for everyone!





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